Album Review: The Butcher’s Share from Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird

Photo credit Esra Rotthoff, cover art Eric Drooker

The Butcher’s Share from Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird will be released on November 17th, 2017 on Oriente Musik.

The album will be Daniel Kahn & Painted Bird’s first release in five years. I have been given an early journalist copy for the purposes of this review.  There are thirteen tracks on the upcoming album (eleven plus two bonus tracks), and all thirteen of them contain some of the most relevant, provocative, intelligent lyricism I have ever heard in my life.  The album is explicitly political in its message, yet even someone who is a stranger to leftist politics could easily digest this album’ s message.  Take for example “Arbeter Froyen” a song about the struggle of working women. It acknowledges that household labor is work in the line: “Women who labor in factories and homes”.  It gives the listener the message of an invitation to join in a movement for liberation. This song is a masterful expression of socialist feminism that is extremely hopeful and expiring, while also having a dark feel that is an acknowledgement of the brutality of class struggle, especially for women.

Let us all carry the red flag together,
Weathering storms in the dark of the night,
Building a temple of freedom forever,
Helping each other to carry the light.
This is just one of the songs on the album, but rest assured, all of them are excellent thought provoking pieces of art. I would give the album a solid 10/10.





The music video for “Freedom Is A Verb”, a track from the upcoming album, was released on November 2nd and the video is linked below.



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