International Anarchist Unity

I feel that purely anarchist organizations should work with other organizations of similar belief or tendency such as platformist federations, anarcho-syndicalist unions, unions like the Swedish SAC, or the IWW as well as synthesis anarchist federations. We should not have a fragmented anarchist movement. The success rate of the social revolution can be best increased … Continue reading International Anarchist Unity


Daniel Guerin and Libertarian Communism

Introduction Daniel Guerin has remained relatively unknown as a thinker and revolutionary, despite the enormous contributions that he made throughout the decades that he was active. As well as the spending his life as a dedicated revolutionary communist, Guerin was also an active participant in the anti-colonial movement and the gay liberation movement. Originally beginning … Continue reading Daniel Guerin and Libertarian Communism

The Persistant Spectre of Yugoslavia

Originally posted on I was merely a baby when NATO bombed the city of Belgrade in 1999, due to the fact that I was born in the United States in 1998. I was not alive during the days of Tito or even the later years of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Writing this piece … Continue reading The Persistant Spectre of Yugoslavia

Film Analysis by an Anarchist: Lady Bird (2017)

Spoiler Warning: this review contains several spoilers so please watch the movie first if that is a concern. Lady Bird is an emotionally intense film to say the least.  The film stars Saoirse Ronan as Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson, a 17 year old senior at a Catholic school in Sacramento, California. She is an adventurous, … Continue reading Film Analysis by an Anarchist: Lady Bird (2017)

Internet Feudal Barons and Our Lack of Surprise

December 14th is the congressional vote to repeal Title II classification for Internet service providers, which regulates them as public utilities and mandates equal protection for all Internet traffic, fulfilling the concept of Net Neutrality. It seems that I’ve been here before, and nothing feels different aside from this issue in the grand scheme of … Continue reading Internet Feudal Barons and Our Lack of Surprise